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DRCLAS sponsors summer travel in Latin American Studies

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The David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies (DRCLAS) is sponsoring more than 160 students to travel to Latin America for work, research, and study this summer.

The DRCLAS awarded research travel grants to nine undergraduates for senior thesis research and 32 graduate students for dissertation research in Latin America. DRCLAS also provided grants to 10 undergraduates and five graduate students for independent internships in Latin America.

The center’s Summer Internship Program (SIP) places students in Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay to work with organizations that align with their personal or career interests. Under the coordination of the DRCLAS Regional Office in Santiago, Chile, students are housed with host families and participate in seminars, lectures, and excursions during their stay. A total of 48 undergraduates will take part in SIP, with 23 traveling to Argentina, 16 to Chile, seven to Peru, and two to Uruguay.

This year, 47 students will travel to Latin America to take part in four new DRCLAS summer programs: six will participate in the Public Policy Internship Program in Brazil, 15 will participate in the Health and Spanish Immersion Course in Chile, 13 will participate in the Spanish and Community Service Course in Peru, and 13 will participate in the Summer Internship Program on Sustainable Development in Mexico.

The DRCLAS awarded seven grants to undergraduates working for WorldTeach this summer. Five students will teach in Costa Rica and three will teach in Ecuador.

For more information, visit the DRCLAS Web site.