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Harvard Department of Music announces $226,000 in fellowships

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The Music Department’s Oscar S. Schafer Award is given to students “who have demonstrated unusual ability and enthusiasm in their teaching of introductory courses, which are designed to lead students to a growing and lifelong love of music.” This year’s recipients are David Sullivan and Karola Obermüller. In addition to the Schafer Award, Sullivan received a Paine Fellowship for research and travel to make recordings, and Obermüller received a Paine Fellowship to work on a composition commission and to attend a workshop production of one of her compositions in Germany.


Ryan Banagale will research Gershwin in San Francisco and at the Duke Ellington Archives in Washington, D.C.

Sofia Becerra-Licha will conduct field research in Santiago, Chile.

Louis Epstein will conduct research in libraries at Yale, the University of Texas, Austin, and the New York Public Library.

Ellen Exner will conduct research in Berlin and Rome (also received a Morrill Graduate Fellowship).

Michael Heller will conduct archival research on Juma Sultan in New York, N.Y.

Sheryl Kaskowitz will conduct archival and ethnographic research in New York and San Francisco.

Hannah Lewis will study language and interactive media.

Drew Massey will conduct archival research in New York, N.Y., at Yale and Cornell universities, at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., and in Los Angeles.

Alexandra Monchick will conduct archival research in the Max Brand Archive in Austria.

Micah Wittmer will study French language at Harvard.

Anna Zayaruznaya will research manuscripts in the U.K., Belgium, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and Italy (also received a Morrill Graduate Fellowship).


Edgar Barroso will present a paper in Buenos Aires and do fieldwork and sonic research in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Jean-Francois Charles will perform composition work and develop new compositional tools at the Harvard University Studio for Electroacoustic Composition in Cambridge, Mass.

Ashley Fure will research and conduct analysis for a series of journal articles and work on new compositions in Michigan and Cambridge, Mass.

Bert Van Herck will work on a composition commission in Cambridge, Mass.

Ulrich Kreppein will study composition in Karlsruhe, Germany; Paris, and London, and will attend an orchestra workshop in Stuttgart, Germany.

Hannah Lash will perform composition work in New York, N.Y.

Katherine Lee will conduct fieldwork in South Korea.

Josiah Oberholtzer will take a course at the Center for New Music, University of California, Berkeley.

Adam Roberts will conduct compositional work and write an article in Cambridge, Mass.

Meredith Schweig will study language and ethnographic research in Taiwan.

Gabriele Vanoni will study composition in the U.K. and meet and work with composers in Europe.

Hillary Zipper will compose, research, and teach in Boston, in Maine, and at the Eugene O’Neill puppetry conference in Connecticut.


James Blasina will study language in Germany and Austria.

Chris Chowrimootoo will conduct archival research in Britten-Pears Library in the U.K.

Petra Gelbart will conduct archival research in Prague and ethnographic research among the Vietnamese in the Czech Republic.

Luci Mok will study language at Harvard Summer School.

Matthias Röder will conduct dissertation research in Cambridge, Mass.

Dominique Schafer will attend the Bard College Conductor’s Institute program in New York, N.Y.

David Trippett will conduct dissertation research in the U.K. and in Bayreuth, Germany.


Davide Ceriani will conduct research in libraries at Princeton, in the Metropolitan Opera archives, and in Rome.

Thomas Lin will attend the Middlebury College Italian language program.

Evan MacCarthy will pursue professional development and conduct research in Italy, Belgium, and Germany.

John McKay will conduct archival research in Rome.

Peter McMurray will perform fieldwork, attend conferences, and conduct archival research in Italy and the western Balkans.

Sasha Siem will conduct research at the International Contemporary Dance Colloquium in Venice and will travel to England to attend a premiere of her work.

Gavin Williams will study language in Italy.


Andrea Bohlman will conduct fieldwork and language study in Poland.

Rowland Moseley will conduct archival research and conduct interviews with teachers of counterpoint and fugue in England.

Matthew Mugmon will research Mahler’s music in archives in Minnesota, New York, Washington, D.C., and Paris.


Graduate student Karola Obermüller received the John Green Fellowship for her “Im Vorraum” for orchestra. Established by friends and family of the late Green ’28, in support of excellence in musical composition, the fellowship is made annually to an undergraduate or graduate student composer.

The George Arthur Knight Prize was awarded to graduate student Tolga Yayalar for his work “Requiem Pour Une Terre Perdue” for ensemble.

Undergraduate Matthew Mendez received the Hugh F. MacColl Prize for his composition “Two Serious Songs” on texts of William Carlos Williams for baritone and orchestra.

Graduate student Sasha Siem received the Adelbert Sprague Prize for her composition “Ojos del Cielo” for large orchestra.

Undergraduate Michael Schachter received the Francis Boott Prize for his composition “Oseh Salom Bimromav” for soprano, alto, tenor, and bass choir and strings.

Graduate student Edgar Barroso received a Bohemians Prize for his work “Catalyst” for viola solo.


John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowships

Daniel Gurney ’09 will study street busking in Europe and meet with local musical figures.

Matthew Hall ’09 will research harpsichords in the United Kingdom.

John Kapusta ’09 will participate in vocal master classes in France, England, and Germany.

Meghan McLoughlin ’09 will research Carnatic vocal study in India.

Matthew Mendez ’09 will attend the New England Conservatory Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice, and support compositional study in London.

Michael Schachter ’09 will study Carnatic music in India.

Alex Shiozaki ’09 will attend a chamber music program in Paris.


Several music graduate students received additional awards and fellowships: Andrea Bohlman received a Fulbright Fellowship and a Sheldon Fellowship, Meredith Schweig received a Fulbright Hayes Fellowship, and Michael Heller and Glenda Goodman received Warren Center Fellowships. Ellen Exner received a Radcliffe Dissertation Completion Fellowship. Lucy Mok received a GSAS Summer Tuition Waiver Fellowship, Sarah Wright received the GSAS Graduate Society Summer Pre-dissertation Fellowship, and Ryan Banagale and Anna Zayaruznaya received GSAS Term-Time Fellowships. GSAS Finishing Grants were awarded to Davide Ceriani, Ellen Exner, Sheryl Kaskowitz, Hannah Lash, Evan MacCarthy, Drew Massey, John McKay, Alexandra Monchick, and Adam Roberts. Marc Gidal received a Divinity School Summer Fellowship and a Whiting Finishing Grant.

Matthew Mendez ’09 won a Bowdoin Prize. The Hoopes Prize awardees and their faculty advisors were Michael Schachter ’09 (Nick Vines), Roy Kinney (Alex Rehding); and Matt Hall ’09 (Christopher Hasty). John Kapusta ’09 received a Fulbright Fellowship. Jordan Reddout ’10 was awarded the David Rockefeller International Experience Grant and a grant from the Harvard College Research Program.

Bok Distinguished Teaching Awards for fall ’08 went to the following music graduate students and associates: John Hamilton, Michael Heller, Meredith Schweig, Richard Beaudoin, Gabriele Vanoni, Joseph Morgan, Karola Obermüller, Louis Epstein, Frank Lehman, Adam Roberts, and Robert Merfeld.