Two Harvard freshmen recognized by Discover Magazine

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Harvard College freshmen Anastasia Roda and Isha Jain have recently been featured in Discover Magazine’s “Teen Genius: 5 Promising Scientists Under 20,” which highlights outstanding young scientists who tackle some of the biggest challenges in science.

Roda was recognized for her research on the environmental impact that the oldest nuclear power plant in the United States has on surrounding creeks. Roda found that the creeks closest to the Oyster Creek Generating Station (near the New Jersey shore) maintained higher temperatures and faster currents, and that the water further downstream had higher bacteria levels. Roda then worked to raise awareness about her findings to the public and to engineers who design nuclear power facilities. The Lancaster, Pa., native plans to focus on environmental studies and marine biology.

Jain investigated limb growth by using a number of techniques — including fluorescent microscopy — to look at how bone grows in zebra fish fins. Her findings may play a role in healing bone injuries and treating bone disease. Jain’s work was recognized with a $100,000 scholarship at the 2007-08 Siemens competition, and her results were published in the journal Developmental Dynamics. A native of Bethlehem, Pa., Jain plans to attend medical school.