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Harvard’s Department of Music announces fellows and award winners

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Harvard’s Department of Music recently announced a host of fellowship and award recipients.

The Oscar S. Schafer Award is given to graduate students “who have demonstrated unusual ability and enthusiasm in their teaching of introductory courses, which are designed to lead students to a growing and lifelong love of music.” This year’s recipients include Ashley Fure, Jose Luis Hurtado, Evan MacCarthy, and Hillary Zipper. In addition to the Schafer Award, Hurtado received a Paine Fellowship to conduct a residency in Mexico, to attend festivals of music, and to prepare for a performance of his work; Fure received a Paine Fellowship for language study in France and to attend a composition workshop; MacCarthy received a Morrill Graduate Fellowship to conduct archival research in Italy, Portugal, and Germany; and Zipper received a Paine Fellowship and a Morrill Graduate Fellowship to conduct research in Italy and study composition in Germany.

Winners of the Richard F. French Prize Fellowship include Ryan Banagale, who will pursue research in Washington, D.C., and in Wyoming; Andrea Bohlman, who will conduct research in Serbia and archive work in Chicago; Corinna Campbell, who will conduct fieldwork in Suriname and French Guyana; Davide Ceriani, who will conduct archival research in Italy, New York, and Princeton (Ceriani also received a Morrill Graduate Fellowship); and Ellen Exner, who will conduct archival research in Germany.

John Knowles Paine Fellows include Edgar Barroso for language study in Austria and for travel to Spain and Mexico to conduct research on new instruments; Sofia Becerra-Licha for travel to Chile to conduct predissertation research; Jean-Francois Charles for travel to Italy, France, and Switzerland to work on his dissertation and conduct meetings with composers; William Cheng for language study in Germany and to conduct archival research in France; Chris Chowrimootoo for language study in Germany and to conduct archival research in Italy; Mathew Clayton to conduct research and interviews in New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut; Elizabeth Craft for language study in Germany and to conduct archival research in New York; Marc Gidal to conduct fieldwork in Brazil; Peter Gilbert to travel to France and Germany to attend composition workshops, prepare for a performance of his work, and to teach; Gabrielle Giron to study Mongolian at Indiana University; Bert Van Herck to travel to composition workshops in Belgium and Germany; Sheryl Kaskowitz to work in Washington, D.C., and New York; David Kim to conduct research at Cornell and Yale universities; Ulrich Krepppein for composition workshops in France and Italy, concert preparation, and teaching in Germany (Krepppein also received a Morrill Graduate Fellowship); Drew Massey to conduct archival research at Yale University; Alexandra Monchick to conduct archival research in Switzerland and Germany; Karola Obermueller to travel to France and Germany to participate in workshops and to prepare for a concert of her work; Andrew Robbie for music video transcription; Adam Roberts for travel to Austria for composition study; Dominique Schafer to conduct precomposition work in the Harvard University Studio for Electroacoustic Composition; Sasha Siem to conduct archival research in Germany and Washington, D.C.; David Trippett to conduct research at Stanford, New York University, and Princeton; Gabrielle Vanoni to travel to France for a composition workshop; and Tolga Yayalar for travel to Turkey to attend workshops in preparation for the performance of his composition.

Both Gina Rivera and Matthias Roeder received Harry and Marjorie Ann Slim Memorial Fund awards. Rivera will conduct archival research and Roeder will conduct archival research in Belgium and Germany.

Ferdinand Gordon and Elizabeth Hunter Morrill Graduate Fellowship recipients include Chris Chowrimootoo to support archival research in Italy; Evan MacCarthy to conduct archival research in Italy; John McKay to support archival research in Italy (McKay also received a Morrill Term Fellowship); and Anna Zayaruznaya for travel to Italy for Latin studies.

Nino and Lea Pirotta Graduate Research Fund recipients include Emily Abrams to conduct interviews in Washington, D.C., and archival work in New York; Louis Epstein to conduct archival research in Germany; Glenda Goodman to conduct research in Washington, D.C.; and Katherine Lee to conduct archival research in California.

The following students received University Composition Prizes

Elizabeth Lim ’08 received the John Green Fellowship for her concert for orchestra “Windfalls.” Friends and family of the late John Green ’28 established this award in support of excellence in musical composition. It is made annually to an undergraduate or graduate student composer.

The George Arthur Knight Prize was awarded to graduate student Jean-François Charles for his work “Blue 3” for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano.

Junior Michael Schachter received the Hugh F. MacColl Prize for his composition titled “Book of Prayers.”

Graduate student Tolga Yayalar received the Adelbert Sprague Prize for his composition for orchestra “Three Imaginary Spaces after Hadid.”

Graduate student Edgar Barroso received the Francis Boott Prize for his composition “Miserere” for six mixed voices a cappella.

Graduate student Gabriele Vanoni received a Bohemians Prize for his work “Space Oddities” for solo flute.

The following undergraduate students received John Knowles Paine Traveling Fellowships: Nora Bartosik ’08 to study piano in Poland, Austria, France, and England; Julia Cavallaro ’08 to study voice in England; Aram Demirjian ’08 to study conducting and to participate in competitions in the Czech Republic, France, and Germany; Paul Kolb ’08 to study theory and composition at Oxford; and Elizabeth Lim ’08 to study composition and opera in California, Italy, and Austria.

Recipients of Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) Fellowships are Sheryl Kaskowitz (GSAS Merit Fellowship); Katherine Lee (Summer Language and Pre-Dissertation Fellowship); and Bert Van Herck (GSAS Graduate Society Summer Pre-Dissertation Fellowship). GSAS Finishing Grants were awarded to Matthias Roeder and Jose Luis Hurtado (Whiting Fellowships) and to Tolga Yayalar, Dominique Schafer, Petra Gelbart, Aaron Berkowitz, and David Trippett.

Music graduate students who received additional awards and fellowships include Ellen Exner, who received a fellowship from the Center for European Studies; Gina Rivera, who received the Lurcy Fellowship for study in France; and Ryan Banagale, who accepted the Howard Mayer Brown Fellowship (from the American Musicological Society).

Lastly, Derek Bok Distinguished Teaching Awards for this past fall were given to music graduate students and associates Michael Barrett, Ashley Fure, Robbie Merfeld, Andrew Robbie, Dominique Schafer, David Sullivan, and Anna Zayaruznaya.