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Pointe, counterpointe

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Molly Altenburg ’07 dances in Elizabeth Bergmann’s ‘Saudades.’ (Staff photos Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard News Office)

Hypnotic, energetic, vital, moving, amusing, and gravity-defying are just a few of the adjectives that need to precede the premier word describing a recent University dance premiere – original. Harvard Dance Programs Spring 2005 Dancers Viewpointe V made the stage look like a trampoline last Thursday (April 14) as works of talented local and national artists bounced off the original creations of students. All student works are mentored throughout the year by a panel of choreographers to bring them to their fullest potential for these spring performances. Dance Program Director Elizabeth Bergmann, who contributed a piece of her own to the show, blended original choreography, original music, and original costume designs, and came up with a daring, innovative, and original mix of brave new work.