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OfA fall 2004 grants to benefit more than 700 students

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More than 700 students will participate in over 30 projects in dance, music, theater and multidisciplinary genres at Harvard University this fall. Sponsored in part through funding from the Office for the Arts at Harvard (OFA) Grant Program, the grants are designed to foster creative and innovative artistic initiatives among Harvard undergraduates.

The Council on the Arts, a committee of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, funded 80 percent of the grant requests. Council members at the time of selection were Robert J. Kiely (chair), Elizabeth Bergmann, S. Allen Counter, Deborah Foster, Jorie Graham, Annette Lemieux, Cathleen McCormick, Jack Megan, Robert J. Orchard, Marcus Stern, Paul Stopforth, and John Stewart.

OFA Grants are awarded to undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff. Funded projects combine artistic merit, artistic experimentation, and educational benefit to undergraduates. The OFA also offers grants for projects taking place during spring semester 2005 and Arts First 2005 – Harvard’s annual celebration of the arts.

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Fall grants for dance

Mainly Jazz Dance Company, “All That Jazz,” Christine Fitzgerald ’07: Kahn Grant for a concert featuring various forms and styles of jazz dance.

Expressions Dance Company, Cassandra Cummings ’05: Kahn Grant for a performance of student-choreographed pieces in a wide range of dance styles.

Harvard Ballet Company, Laurie Schnidman ’05: Kahn Grant for a performance including an original piece by Rebecca Alaly ’04-05, and a piece by Boston Ballet resident choreographer Daniel Pelzig.

Crimson Dance Team, Megan Kohout ’05: Kahn Grant for multiple performances during the fall semester.

TAPS, Leanna Boychenko ’06: Kahn Grant for a fall performance in Lowell Lecture Hall.

Mainly Jazz Dance Company and TAPS, “Rhythm of the Night,” Melissa Miller ’04 and Kim McCarthy ’04: Kahn Grant for a dance concert showcasing a variety of musical and dance styles.

Harvard Ballroom Dance Company, Danielle Buckley ’06: Kahn Grant for a winter recital.

Fall grants for literature

Diversity & Distinction: Borders (fall issue), Jeong Oh ’04-05: OFA Grant for publication dedicated to creating dialogue on multiculturalism, sexual orientation, and other social issues.

Harvard Book Review (fall issue), Nicole Cliffe ’03: OFA Grant for publication featuring undergraduate-written reviews of recently published books.

Voice Where Prohibited (fall issue), Lusi Fang ’06: OFA Grant for publication that provides a forum for essays, creative fiction, nonfiction, and more.

Vox Literary Magazine, Catholic Students Association, Victoria Sprow ’06: OFA Grant for a magazine that features poetry, essays, and more.

queer., Chris Hughes ’06: OFA Grant for a cultural journal that explores what it means to be queer.

Fall multidisciplinary grants

Black Student’s Association, “Apollo Night,” Yata Kande ’04: Kahn Grant for a performance promoting artistic creativity and multicultural expression at Harvard and in the community.

Melopoeia Musica, Pergolesi’s “La Serva Padrona,” Kate Greenhalgh ’05: Eckstein-Lipson Grant for a production of Pergolesi’s one-act opera.

Fall music grants

Kuumba Singers, 35th Annual Dr. S. Allen Counter Christmas Concert, Shola Olorunnipa ’05: Eckstein-Lipson Grant for annual Christmas concert celebrating the creativity and spirituality of black cultures.

The Bach Society Orchestra, Concerts I and II, Monika Schleier-Smith ’05: Eckstein-Lipson Grant for two fall concerts featuring works by Adams, Beethoven, Mozart, and others.

Harvard Jazz Bands, Darryl Campbell ’06: Kahn Grant for a tribute concert to the music of Duke Ellington featuring the Sunday and Monday Jazz Bands.

THUD (The Harvard Undergraduate Drummers), Emily Kahn ’05: Eckstein-Lipson Grant for a concert of percussion music.

Harvard Wind Ensemble, “Grit and Grazioso,” Doug Lieb ’07: Kahn Grant for a concert dedicated to the music of Vincent Persichetti.

Radcliffe Choral Society, Festival of Women’s Choruses, Rosalie Thede ’06: Kahn Grant for a festival including several concerts, open rehearsals, workshops, and seminars.

Harvard Glee Club, Christmas concert, Joshua Stern ’05: Eckstein-Lipson Grant for a seasonal concert with the Radcliffe Choral Society.

The Harvard Early Music Society, “L’Orfeo,” Michael Givey ’06: Kahn Grant for a production of Monteverdi’s opera.

Harvard Pops Orchestra, “Pops on Broadway,” Joanne Wen ’04: Kahn Grant for a concert featuring music from popular Broadway productions and pieces arranged by Pops members.

Quincy Coffeehouse, Liz Carlisle ’06: Kahn Grant for the establishment of a coffeehouse where Harvard student singer/songwriters can perform original material.

Harvard Wind Ensemble, Harvard Jazz Bands, Harvard University Band, The Dartmouth Concert, Doug Lieb ’07: Kahn Grant for a concert commemorating the 85th anniversary of the Harvard University Band.

Trouble in Tahiti,” Michael Abbriano ’05: Kahn Grant for a concert version of Leonard Bernstein’s short opera.

Fall grants for theater

Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club (HRDC), “Caligula,” Benjamin Margo ’05: Timothy S. Mayer Grant for a production of Camus’ play.

Winthrop House Drama Society, complete works of Shakespeare (abridged), Sarah Hill ’05: H. Todd Cobey Grant for a performance in the Winthrop Junior Common Room.

HRDC, “Hamlet,” Jeremy Funke ’05: H. Todd Cobey Grant for a production of Shakespeare’s work contextualized within the framework of the Catholic mass and Catholic rituals.

Harvard Story-Time Players, Michael Catlin ’06: OFA Grant for startup funding for a group to perform original work in Boston-area children’s hospitals.

Fall grants for traditional cultural arts

Harvard Bhangra, Parvinder Thiara ’07: Kahn Grant for a November performance.

South Asian Dance Company (SADC), Monica Soni ’06: Kahn Grant for SADC’s third annual intercollegiate fusion dance show.