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Short days, long shadows

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Memorial Hall, lion
(Staff photos Kris Snibbe/Harvard News Office)

The winter sun, “a sadder light than waning moon,” though its warmth is feeble and its everyday life brief, shines with a frigid clarity that creates its own hard beauty. Winter air is rarefied, that is, less dense, and so in the clear sunlight, objects are revealed in all their textured detail – outlines are harder, colors richer, shadows longer. In the Yard, in the unaltered light, leafless trees, stark statuary, and classic architecture seem pared down, truer, more themselves.

The Yard in
The weak winter sun casts its coldly beautiful light on the Yard, the flag, a brisk passerby, and the ever-patient statue of John Harvard.
Sever Hall
A Sever Hall archway creates a blue dome filled with leafless trees.