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Producer of Oscar-winning “Sling Blade” and Oscar-nominated “You Can Count On Me ” talks with students:

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Larry Meistrich brings Hollywood to Dudley House

Larry Meistrich

Cinematic wunderkind Larry Meistrich addressed the Dudley Film Program on Nov. 7 about the state of independent filmmaking and distribution in today’s changing economy. Meistrich, 35, was the founder and CEO of The Shooting Gallery, a premiere independent film studio and entertainment production company. Between 1990 and 2001, he produced more than 30 films including the Oscar-winning “Sling Blade” and Oscar-nominated “You Can Count On Me.”

These days, Meistrich is addressing the problem of quality film distribution with an innovative service called The Film Movement. The Film Movement is a subscription-based service designed to deliver fresh, award-winning, independent films to the homes of its members. “Most of us simply don’t have access to the year’s best films – whether we are aware of it or not,” said Meistrich. “Not only do these films compete for screen time with Hollywood blockbusters, they face skyrocketing marketing costs which financially choke their opportunity to reach the audience that they deserve.”

Meistrich delivered his presentation to a packed house in the Graduate Student Lounge of Dudley House, where most of the Dudley Film Program events take place. The audience consisted of Harvard students thirsty for a practical film education as well as film professionals from Boston.

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