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The Ultimate Clambake:

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Crimson clubs fly saucers with the big boys (and girls)

Kristin Hoelting, Kyna Fong, Frances
‘I’m open! I’m open!’ signals Kristin Hoelting ’03 (center) to her running teammate Kyna Fong ’03 (foreground) who is winding up to fling the Frisbee. Frances Cheever ’05 (background) keeps her eyes on the play. Staff photos by Rose Lincoln

“Nothing runs like a pig.” This indisputable truth is the motto for the Ultimate Frisbee club Junk of Pork, the host of the recent (Oct. 13-14) Frisbee tournament “Red Tide Ultimate Clambake, 2002.”

Joining Junk of Pork, Smell My Mule, Stoned Clown, Bootay, and other club and college teams who descended on the tiny campus of Bowdoin College on the cool, cloudy fall weekend were Harvard’s own Red Line and Quasar, the men’s and women’s (respectively) teams representing the Crimson.

Freshman Teddy Chestnut (right) of the Red Line definitively snags a disc from a member of the Ottawa club Smell My Mule.

It was a tribute to the clubs’ skill to be invited – only a few college teams took part in the rough and tumble. But getting in the games, which raised money for Maine’s Special Olympics, counted on creativity as well as athletic ability: Interested teams were asked to make a “bid” to join the contest. The Red Line men offered to dress in drag and serve breakfast to all the tournament participants, while the Quasar women offered to provide massages to all members of the host team. Naturally, their bids were accepted.

mannequin head mannequin head Decorated mannequin heads, harbingers of Halloween, serve as grotesque end zone markers.

On Saturday, round-robin play placed the teams for the competition. Depending on the results of the round-robins, teams were moved either into the “Lobster Pool” or the “Clam Pool.”

In the action, the Red Line placed second in its round-robin, advancing to the Lobster Pool. Sadly, the team lost in the quarterfinals to a tough New York competitor. Quasar didn’t fare quite as well, losing a tight fight with a Portland team that left the women languishing in the Clam Pool.

Quasar co-captain Kyna Fong ’03 sparkles with sweat at halftime.
Sophomore Red Line rookie Manoah Koletty gets intense on defense against one of Boston’s Chowdaheads.
Laura Dichtel and Anna
Temporarily sidelined by an injury, co-captain of the Quasars Laura Dichtel ’03 (left) uses her time well, tutoring rookie Anna Franekova ’05 about some Frisbee fine points during a break in the Ultimate action.