Genetic link discovered for late onset Alzheimer’s

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Findings suggest new era in Alzheimer’s treatment

Although they have not yet identified the actual gene, researchers have evidence that a gene located on human chromosome 10 could be more potent than previous risk factors for late onset Alzheimer’s disease. “I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be a bigger Alzheimer gene than APOE4,” said Rudolph Tanzi, Harvard Medical School professor of neurology. He and his colleagues reported their findings in the Dec. 22, 2000, Science. With the paper were two others implicating the long arm of chromosome 10 as a likely hunting ground for a new late-onset Alzheimer’s gene. Tanzi believes that the findings could help usher in a new era of Alzheimer’s treatment in which people are genetically screened and then treated based on their constellation of predisposing genetic factors.