“The laws of nature create the art,” said Moshe Safdie, architect of The Class of 1959 Chapel at Harvard Business School. In the sanctuary of the chapel, color arrives only on sunny days, when rainbows refracted through huge ceiling-mounted prisms play on otherwise monochrome cement walls.

While nondenominational, the first cove of the sanctuary is aligned due east. The altar is box-shaped, and simple Shaker chairs dot the scallop-edged circular space.

But to arrive at this peaceful place of introspection, one must first pass through the lively garden that shares the chapel interior. Bursting with life and richness, the garden boasts floor-to-ceiling pyramidal windows that allow for light even on the dreariest of days.

Except for the soft sound of water flowing in the garden, both are very quiet spaces. Manager of Executive Education Building Services Agni Thurner said students come “to read books, pray, or do meditation. I’ve never seen anyone come with a computer.”