Taliesin Prize given to three seniors

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Three graduating seniors — Aditi Chitkara, Christopher Gilmer-Hill, and Ana Luiza Nicolae — received the 2022 Taliesin Prize in the Art of Learning.

Chitkara concentrated in applied mathematics with a secondary in art, film, and visual Studies, Gilmer-Hill studied neuroscience with a secondary in East Asian studies, and Nicolae held a special concentration in geography and identity.

The students were selected for their exemplary work and explorations beyond established academic pursuits that invited both challenges and rewards in shaping their undergraduate careers, in keeping with the holistic approach of the prize.

The prizes were awarded by an interdisciplinary faculty committee and recognized students’ rigorous and intellectual pathways through the Harvard undergraduate curriculum. The Division of Arts & Humanities established the Taliesin Prize in 2020, named for the sixth-century poet noted for enlightenment and inspiration.

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