Summer School Sustainability Program kicks off

2 min read

The Summer Sustainability Program at Harvard is in full swing after getting off to a great start last month. Summer Schoolers showed an impressive eagerness to get up close and personal with Harvard sustainability on move-in weekend when nearly 50 people attended the Green Tour of Harvard Yard (see photo).

Since the tour, Summer School students have been hard at work on the Summer Sustainability Challenge. The challenge requires students to complete or attend four of six following events and activities: complete the Recyclig Quiz, attend the Farmers’ Market, participate in a Harvard Garden workday, join the Clean Plate Club (a pledge to reduce food waste), host a green study break for their entryway, and facilitate recycling at a professional lacrosse game at Harvard Stadium. Completing the challenge earns the participant a ticket in a raffle for movie tickets and other prizes.

“People are getting into it,” said HUDS Food Literacy Project Coordinator and Farmers’ Market Manager Louisa Denison, “I had a number of students stop by in the couple weeks already.”

The FAS Green Program is rounding out the summer program with a couple study breaks in Annenberg and promoting the Garden’s weekly movie screening. For more information about Garden events, check out the Garden Blog.