Star Family Prizes recognize College advisers

Student council members.

Students from the undergraduate student council during the 2019 ceremony. Photo by Martha Stewart

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Harvard College’s Advising Programs Office awarded 12 advisers from across the University with the prestigious Star Family Prize for Excellence in Advising. The Star Prizes were established by James A. Star ’83 to recognize and reward individuals who contribute to the College through their exemplary intellectual and personal guidance of undergraduate students.

Prizes are awarded each year to 12 advisers, three each in the categories of first-year, sophomore, concentration, and faculty advisers.

A record number of nominations for the award were submitted from the undergraduate student body earlier this year. Selection committees composed of College staff, previous Star Prize recipients, and peer advising fellows (PAFs), chose this year’s recipients.

First-year Advising

  • Abhishek Raman: First-year proctor, Mower Hall; project manager, Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics; head teaching fellow, Harvard College Program in General Education
  • Katherine Veach: Assistant director, Harvard College Program in General Education
  • Lu Wang: Preceptor, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Sophomore Advising

  • Nina Bryce: M.Div. ’19, Harvard Divinity School; director of wellness and self-discovery initiatives, First Year Experience Program, dean of Students Office, Harvard College; wellness consultant, Center for Wellness and Health Promotion, HUHS; teaching fellow, Harvard Graduate School of Education; resident tutor, Mather House, Harvard College
  • Senan Ebrahim: Ph.D., tutor at Quincy House, M.D. candidate at Harvard Medical School
  • Katherine Pukinskis : Preceptor, Music Department

Concentration Advising

  • Amie Holmes: Assistant director of undergraduate studies and lecturer on stem cell and regenerative biology
  • James Williamson Mickens: Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science
  • Linsey C. Moyer: Assistant director of undergraduate studies in biomedical engineering

Faculty Advising

  • Ieva Jusionyte: Assistant professor of anthropology and social studies
  • Brian Liau: Assistant professor of chemistry and chemical niology
  • Durba Mitra: Assistant professor of studies of women, gender, and sexuality and Carol K. Pforzheimer Assistant Professor at the Radcliffe Institute

“Now more than ever, we are grateful to all of our advisers for their dedication to our students,” said Sindhumathi Revuluri, associate dean of undergraduate education. “These awardees exemplify the many facets of our advising network and the multiple sources of support and mentorship available to our students.”

Please visit the 2020 nominees and recipients of the Star Family Prize for Excellence in Advising for more information.