Spotlight on the William Monroe Trotter Collaborative for Social Justice

Cornell Brooks.

Photo by Martha Stewart

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Professor Cornell William Brooks leads the Harvard Kennedy School’s (HKS) William Monroe Trotter Collaborative for Social Justice, which he calls a think-and-do tank for Harvard students committed to social justice advocacy and rigorous applied research.

Named for an early-20th-century civil rights pioneer, African American newspaper editor, and distinguished Harvard graduate, the Trotter Collaborative runs a host of activities, including conferences and a field course that allows Harvard students to work with social justice oriented governments and organizations across the United States. The Trotter Collaborative also offers students a range of opportunities to work with organizations dealing with social justice issues. The collaborative, which Brooks founded in 2018, is housed in the School’s Center for Public Leadership.

HKS spoke with Brooks, the Hauser Professor of the Practice of Nonprofit Organizations and professor of the practice of public leadership and social justice at HKS and visiting professor of public leadership and prophetic religion at the Harvard Divinity School, to learn more about the collaborative’s work.