Reinhart joins Harvard Kennedy School faculty

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Carmen M. Reinhart, one of the world’s leading experts on international finance, has joined the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) as the Minos A. Zombanakis Professor of the International Financial System.

Reinhart’s work has informed the understanding of financial crises for more than a decade. She was co-author of “This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly” with Harvard Professor Kenneth Rogoff, a publication that won the 2011 Arthur Ross Book Award for best book published on international affairs. She has also written on exchange rates, banking and sovereign debt crises, currency crashes, and contagion.

“Professor Reinhart brings to the Kennedy School a profound and unique understanding of the world’s financial system at a time when the system is under severe stress,” said Iris Bohnet, HKS academic dean. “Her addition to the faculty will bolster the School’s research and teaching in the critical area of markets, business and government.”

“I am thrilled with the opportunity to come to Harvard Kennedy School,” Reinhart said. “I look forward to working closely with other faculty, scholars, and researchers on some of the most pressing policy challenges of our time.”