Prejudice and violence against people with albinism: An international concern

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Individuals with albinism face discrimination in societies around the world. Reports of attacks and mutilation occur daily, with thousands of albinos living under threat or at risk. The Harvard Foundation will host a panel discussion and photo exhibition, “Prejudice and Violence against People with Albinism: An International Concern,” on Thu., Oct. 28, and Fri., Oct. 29, to bring attention to this worldwide issue. The panel discussion will be taped and made available to other colleges and organizations around the world.

“The Harvard Foundation is pleased to conduct a program on prejudice and violence against albinos,” said S. Allen Counter, director of the Harvard Foundation. “It is one of the last unchallenged and unattended prejudices on earth, and we hope to enlightenment people about this bias and mistreatment, and bring about greater understanding and protection of persons with albinism. We are pleased that our students with albinism are taking an active part in this important program.”

The panel discussion will take place on Thu., Oct. 28, at 5:30 p.m. in Fong Auditorium, Boylston Hall, in Harvard Yard. Rick Guidotti’s photos of persons with albinism from around the world will be on display in the Harvard University Science Center Arcade on Oct. 28 and 29. Both events are free and open to the public.