Pop-up innovation space showcases library projects

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The Labrary, open for public exploration through December 21, is a storefront space envisioned and realized by students in Harvard’s Library Test Kitchen course. Projects that explore and celebrate the library of the future include:

Bookface, Nicholas Rivard
Bookface is an online photo opera that invites Labrary visitors to reflect on their relationship with the digital while posing in a murder mystery photo booth–death by technology.

Recon-Texts, Gabrielle Patawaran
Recon-Texts is a platform for publishing literary mix-tapes, composed by copy and paste collections gleaned from the ‘library’ that is the Internet, and takes the form of a textbook/notebook hybrid for the creation of new narratives.

Graham Grams,
Rola Idris, Pablo Roquero
Think information lasts forever? Print an edible telegram with Graham Gram, a graham cracker and icing printer.

The Speaking Library, Chris Molinski
The Speaking Library is an online archive at The anonymous audio recordings document an oral history of the library. What is your earliest memory of a library?

Digita Table of the Present Time, Arielle Assouline-Lichten
Digita is a snapshot of the way we digitize information today, freezing the speed of digital technology into the physical reality of a wood table top.