Paper examines workplace well-being

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A new paper on well-being measurement examines psychometric properties of Harvard’s Flourish Index (FI) and Secure Flourish Index (SFI) in the workplace setting. Written by Dorota Weziak-Bialowolska and Eileen McNeely of SHINE at Harvard Chan and Tyler J. VanderWeele of the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard, this paper specifically explores the psychometric properties of the FI and SFI in the working population of 5,565 office and manufacturing employees of two U.S. Fortune 500 manufacturing companies.

This study provided initial evidence that the FI and the SFI are internally consistent and might be used in the workplace setting. Given that the goal was to develop employee flourishing measures that are short enough for practical use, FI and SFI may be useful in the investigation of the influence employee well-being has on human performance and productivity and in the end, on business performance.  With the psychometric properties now established, the Flourish and Secure Flourish Indices might be used more broadly.