New visualization tool for SEAS

1 min read

A new online visualization tool designed to help users see connections between faculty, academic programs, and research and teaching areas has been deployed on the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) website.

A defining characteristic of SEAS is the interconnectedness of teaching and research areas. It is organized around broad and overlapping areas, but has no traditional departments.

The tool allows for graduate students or prospective industry collaborators to quickly identify SEAS faculty members who conduct research in a particular field. In addition, individuals interested in one of the degree programs can see how it corresponds to different research areas and the faculty who teach in that program.

“Those who work and study at SEAS experience on a daily basis the web of connections across areas, programs, and faculty,” said SEAS Dean, Cherry A. Murray. “The new visualization tool graphically illustrates those connections, and by extension helps users imagine their own place within SEAS.”