Mary Gordon Roberts Fellows announced

Rose Lincoln/Harvard file photo

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The Mind Brain Behavior Interfaculty Initiative has selected its undergraduate Mary Gordon Roberts Thesis Fellows for summer 2018. These fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis to students who will be conducting thesis research this summer, and include grants to enable this research. Support for these fellowships have been provided by Mary Gordon Roberts, the Gordon family, and the Office of the President and Provost.

We congratulate our 2018 Fellows, listed below with concentration, project, and project advisor, and wish them a productive summer of research!

Amma Ababio, History and Science
“Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself: Christianity and Reforms to the Treatment of Insane Patients at the Pennsylvania Hospital”
Advisors: Nadine Weidman, History of Science, Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS), and Ahmed Ragab, Harvard Divinity School

Julia Canick, Molecular and Cellular Biology
“The Utility of Organoids for Recapitulating Human Brain Structure and Function”
Advisor: Jeff Lichtman, Molecular and Cellular Biology, FAS

Cindy Chau, Neurobiology
“The Microglial Response to Deep Space Radiation”
Advisor: Cynthia Lemere, Harvard Medical School (HMS)

Saewon Chun, Neurobiology
“The Association between Language and Frontal Gamma Activity of Children with High Risks for Autism”
Advisor Charles Nelson, HMS

Mark Czeisler, Neurobiology
“3-D Digital Reconstruction of Mouse Suprachiasmatic Nucleus Neurons Driving Circadian Rhythms”
Advisor: Dominic Mao, Molecular and Cellular Biology, FAS

Heather Forbes, Neurobiology
“Role of Oxytocin in Increasing the Prevalence of Autism”
Advisor: Marcy Kingsbury, HMS

Anahita Iyer, Neurobiology
“Identifying Modifiers of Alpha-Synuclein Toxicity in Parkinson’s Disease”
Advisor: Dennis Selkoe, HMS

Taylor Joyce, Linguistics
“Development of Quantification in Nicaraguan Sign Language”
Advisor: Kathryn Davidson, Linguistics, FAS

Theodora Mautz, Neurobiology
“How does anatomical topology relate to the functional organization of higher-order visual cortex?”
Advisor: Margaret Livingstone, HMS

Sienna Nielsen, Psychology
“The Story of the True Self: Unpacking the Relation between Challenges and Self-Authenticity”
Advisor: Jill Hooley, Psychology, FAS

Chinaza Ochi, Neurobiology
“Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) as Potential Bio-Marker for Autism Spectrum Disorder”
Advisor: Charles Nelson, HMS

Duncan Stothers, Computer Science
“Turing’s Child Machine: A Neurodevelopmental Approach”
Advisor: Gabriel Kreiman, HMS

Sonia Wang, Neurobiology
“How Microglia Contribute to Plasticity and Learning in the Olfactory Bulb”
Advisor: Venkatesh Murthy, Molecular and Cellular Biology, FAS