‘Material Design: Informing Architecture by Materiality ‘

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Material Design is authored by Thomas Schroepfer, associate professor of architecture at the GSD. Architects, landscape architects, and other designers discuss the state of the art and project emerging trends in material design. Using an alternative approach premised on observation, speculation, and experimentation, a comprehensive view of today’s and tomorrow’s material technologies and design methods is developed.

Leading experts in the field provide detailed insights into the strategies of material design in architectural applications such as: aggregation, joints and junctions, weaving, modulation, ephemeral phenomena, responsive materials, materializations of nanotechnology, encoding. The book includes a foreword by Erwin Viray and contributions by James Carpenter, Justin Fowler, Sheila Kennedy, Elizabeth Lovett, Liat Margolis, Toshiko Mori, Nader Tehrani, and Peter Yeadon.

Material Design has also been published in a German language edition.