Learning to navigate salary negotiations

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The Boston Mayor’s Office of Women’s Advancement recently teamed up with the American Association of University Women (AAUW) to offer a free salary negotiation workshop at the Harvard Ed Portal in Allston. The Office’s goal is to train and empower 85,000 women by 2021 to confidently and successfully negotiate for salary and benefits packages and help close the gender pay gap in Boston. The gender pay gap hurts women of all backgrounds, and according to the AAUW, has far-reaching consequences for women’s financial security. It says:

  1. Know your value. What skills, measurable accomplishments and work experience do you bring to an organization and what are they worth?
  2. Benchmark your salary and benefits. Research the salary range for the position you are seeking using the internet or by networking. Assess the local market and economic conditions.
  3. Know your strategy. Negotiation strategies vary. If it is a new job, learn deflection strategies to avoid discussing salary until you receive an offer. Or, if you are asking for a raise prepare your pitch to include persuasive evidence of why you deserve the raise.
  4. Improve your confidence and ability to negotiate by practicing with others.

The Ed Portal will host an additional workshop this fall. The AAUW also hosts workshops across the city. For upcoming dates click here.