Learning Healthy Habits at the Harvard Ed Portal

Participants practice a stretch as part of "Health and Wellness for the New Year."

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Attendees of the Harvard Ed Portal’s recent Learning Xchange “Health and Wellness for the New Year” were given the opportunity to learn about nutrition, sleep, physical exercise, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including strategies on how to understanding nutrition labels, make plans for decreasing sedentary time and participate in a meditation exercise.

The Charles River Community Health Center offered free blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol level test. Natasha Busse from the Harvard Center for Wellness taught the group about how to practice physical fitness and health through exercises and stretches in your workspace throughout the day.

Participants also had the opportunity to sign up for edX courses and explore HarvardX offerings to make their health and wellness a priority throughout the year.

Learning Xchange at the Harvard Ed Portal is an ongoing program in which individuals in the community connect around online learning.