Lamont receives Gutenberg Research Award

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The Gutenberg Research College of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz granted this year’s Gutenberg Research Award to two internationally renowned academic, including Professor Michèle Lamont, Harvard’s Robert I. Goldman Professor of European Studies and acting director of the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs.

Lamont examines how symbolic boundaries and boundary-making stand for practices of distinction and processes of negotiating cultural hierarchies between individuals and groups. Lamont has published more than 80 papers and is the editor of 12 collections and author of three award-winning books. Her works compare conceptions of worth, morals, and class among upper-middle class individuals in France and the United States, the self-image of members of the working class, and the practices for determining academic ‘excellence.’ She has had a significant influence on cultural sociology in the U.S. and is renowned for her comparative cultural approach.