Jeb Bush to serve as Institute of Politics fall 2010 visiting fellow

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Harvard’s Institute of Politics (IOP), located at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, today announced Jeb Bush, governor of Florida (1999-2007) will serve as a visiting fellow at the institute this fall.

Visiting fellows traditionally meet with student groups; lead discussions on topical issues and their experiences in public service; and participate in policy classes with students and Harvard University faculty.

“Jeb Bush’s public service experience governing one of our nation’s largest states will certainly be of interest to our students, faculty and university community,” said Institute of Politics interim Director John C. Culver.

Bush’s fellowship will occur the week of Nov. 15.  Previously announced IOP 2010 fall resident fellows, who are currently leading weekly discussion groups during the fall academic semester, include Dennis Archer, mayor, Detroit, MI (1994-2001), president, National League of Cities (2000-01), and president, American Bar Association (2003-04); Susan Milligan, national political reporter, the Boston Globe (1999-2010); Michèle Pierre-Louis, prime minister of Haiti (2008-09); Ophir Pines-Paz, Israel’s minister of interior (2005), minister of science, culture and sport (2006) and Knesset member (1996-2010); Margaret Spellings, U.S. secretary of education (2005-09); and John Timoney, former Miami, Fla., chief of police, Philadelphia, Penn., police commissioner and New York, NY, first deputy commissioner.

The fellows program is central to the institute’s dual commitment to encourage student interest in public life and to increase interaction between the academic and political communities.