Innovation Labs announce startup accelerator ventures

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The Harvard Innovation Labs, an ecosystem that supports Harvard students and select alumni in exploring innovation and entrepreneurship, today announced that it has selected 13 ventures to participate in the inaugural Launch Lab X accelerator program.

Jamber enhances the lives of everyday people by redesigning consumer products that have been overlooked. Credit: Harvard Innovation Labs

More than 260 ventures from 36 countries applied to Launch Lab X. The cohort is comprised of startups from around the world, from Geneva to San Francisco. Founders represent seven Harvard schools and are working in a wide variety of fields, including 3-D printing technology, digital health consulting, education, and consumer products.

Credit: Harvard Innovation Labs

The 13 accepted teams will participate in a nine-month program, which is divided into three 90-day sprints. Each sprint will culminate in a pitch and feedback session with investors, prospective customers, and industry leaders, giving teams the time and guidance necessary to improve. Ventures will receive scorecards to track progress, combined with a roadmap designed explicitly for their businesses.

Gain Life
Gain Lifeempowers individuals to achieve their best life using evidence-based digital behavior change software. Credit: Harvard Innovation Labs

Launch Lab X startups will also compete for non-dilutive funding as part of the newly-created Harvard President’s Innovation Challenge Alumni Track. The Bertarelli Foundation will fund all of the prize money for the Harvard President’s Innovation Challenge, which will total $410,000 in 2019.

[gz_photo_layout_two_asymmetric left=”252638″ right=”252637″ caption=”Image%201%3A%20Legacy%20addresses%20the%20decline%20in%20male%20fertility%20with%20a%20masculine%2C%20forward-looking%2C%20discreet%20product%20you%20can%20use%20at%20home.%0AImage%202%3A%20MakerFleet%20builds%203-D%20printer%20farms%20that%20are%20directly%20connected%20to%20the%20internet%2C%20and%20writes%20cloud%20software%20that%20allows%20people%20to%20instantly%20build%20products%20using%20the%20company’s%20equipment.” credit=”Credit%3A%20Harvard%20Innovation%20Labs” /]

The 2018–19 Launch Lab X ventures include:

  • Elektra Labs is building a platform to identify and develop digital biomarkers that can be used in decentralized research and care.
  • Gain Life empowers individuals to achieve their best life using evidence-based digital behavior change software.
  • Jamber enhances the lives of everyday people by redesigning consumer products that have been overlooked.
  • Legacy addresses the decline in male fertility with a masculine, forward-looking, discreet product you can use at home.
  • MakerFleet builds 3D printer farms that are directly connected to the internet, and writes cloud software that allows people to instantly build products using the company’s equipment.
  • Mobley is building a convenient and affordable alternative to furniture ownership through its rental system.
  • Nebula Genomics is using blockchain to reduce the costs of personal genome sequencing and enhance genomic data protection.
  • Nurse-1-1 is creating a better way to ask questions about your health than a Google search. The company’s platform connects people to a network of nurses in a way that makes users comfortable, and fits into their busy lifestyles.
  • Nilus is building a sharing-economy model of food waste rescue, where private drivers pick up food in edible condition and deliver it to community kitchens and shelters.
  • Pine Health helps patients follow through on doctor’s orders. The company’s AI-based solution uses patient data to trigger text-message conversations with a health coach.
  • Sage Learning is an AI-powered platform for next-generation teaching and learning.
  • Zoba is a platform for building and deploying spatial machine learning models. Organizations use Zoba to make decisions about operations and expansion related to mobility, healthcare, retail and more.
  • Zubale transforms how companies engage with consumers across emerging markets.