HGSE remembers Professor Israel Scheffler

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Retired HGSE Professor , a philosopher of education, passed away on Sunday at the age of 90. He began his career at HGSE in 1952, where he worked for 40 years teaching courses and conducting research on the philosophy of education.

“Israel Scheffler leaves behind a lasting legacy in the field of the philosophy of education — his philosophical interpretations of language, symbolism, science, and education remain as resonant and relevant today as when they were written,” said Dean James Ryan.

Scheffler published 17 books in his lifetime, including The Language of Education (1960), Reason and Teaching (1973), In Praise of the Cognitive Emotions…(1991), Worlds of Truth: A Philosophy of Knowledge (2009), and two autobiographical volumes. His works have been translated into seven different languages, and in recent years, Routledge has reprinted six of his books as part of their Routledge Revival series, with a seventh slated to be re-released next month.