Henry Li ’16 wins Barrett Award

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Henry Li ’16 was presented with the Joseph L. Barrett Award on May 6, by the Bureau of Study Counsel (BSC). The award commemorates Joseph L. Barrett ’73, by honoring exceptional students who generously give their time to support their peers in developing more meaningful college experiences.

Li was honored for developing and coordinating three writing for personal development groups this academic year, jointly offered by the BSC and the Harvard College Writing Program. The workshops provided an opportunity for students to use writing and group discussion to explore and reflect on their personal experiences of life, learning, and growth at Harvard College, as well as fostering a sense of community among the participants. Working together with BSC counselors, Li was instrumental in facilitating meaningful reflection and discussion within each group by being introspective and open, thus inviting other participants to do the same. Themes that emerged from the group discussions included authenticity and enlivenment, change and transformation, motivation and mastery, and greatness and gratitude.