Harvard Kennedy School remembers Jonathan Moore

Photo courtesy of the Institute of Politics

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The Shorenstein Center mourns the death of Jonathan Moore, a longtime friend, supporter and early architect of the Center.  Jonathan was a member of the Shorenstein Center’s Advisory Board for many years, was an advisor to all of the Center directors, and had an office at the Center as an Associate beginning in 1995.

Jonathan was director of the Institute of Politics (1974-1986) and, under his leadership, the IOP broadened their engagement with the press.  But Moore and others recognized that the topic was too important to be adequately addressed as a subsidiary part of the institute, and in 1980, Moore drafted a proposal for a Harvard center on the press, politics and public policy.  Dean Graham Allison and Harvard President Derek Bok embraced the proposal, a planning committee was established, and Harvard created a new endowment fund for the Center with a $50,000 transfer from the Institute of Politics, thanks to Jonathan.  Jonathan Moore went on to raise significant funding for the Center’s fellowships, seminars, general operating support and professorships and in 1985, the Shorenstein family endowed the center with the name of their daughter, Joan Shorenstein Barone.