Harvard Innovation Labs and ArtLifting announce mural installation

Community members stop to take in “Invent, Endure, Outlive Them” during a tour of the i-lab.

Photo by Dan Pinnolis

2 min read

Today, the Harvard Innovation Labs has unveiled “Invent, Endure, Outlive Them,” the University innovation center’s first permanent mural installation. The mural was created by artist Madison Elyse Rubenstein and sourced through ArtLifting, a former Harvard Innovation Labs venture creating access to the art market for artists impacted by disabilities and housing insecurity.

“Liz joined the Harvard Innovation Labs soon after founding ArtLifting, and has been an incredible member of our community ever since,” said Alexandra Stephens, marketing and communications director at the Harvard Innovation Labs. “Our team has been inspired to see ArtLifting represent 190 artists across the country. We’re truly honored to have Madison Elyse Rubenstein’s work as a permanent installation at the Harvard Innovation Labs; the impact of their piece is stunning.” 

“Invent, Endure, Outlive Them” was installed in the Harvard Innovation Labs in February 2024, and unveiled to the Harvard Innovation Labs community during spring orientation for the University innovation center’s more than 1,600 student members.

In reflecting on how they hope members of the Harvard Innovation Labs community will interact with the mural, Rubenstein says, “One of my favorite things about having my art viewed by people outside of my studio is the wide spectrum of interpretation, especially with abstract art. I hope that whatever my piece activates in an individual, that it inspires their own creative impulses through conversations, self-reflection, innovation, and maybe even a little artmaking of their own.”