Harvard Extension Student Association secures major sponsorships

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Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA) Director of Finance Alexis Williams’ efforts to establish partnerships on behalf of the Association proved successful in obtaining a corporate sponsorship from Merrill Lynch, Bank of America Corporation. The sponsorship will help to offset expenses associated with Harvard Extension School (HES) Spring Ball, “The Spring Reve: A Fantastical Ballroom Bash.”

“It is my vision that this partnership will serve advantageous to HESA in the years to come,” said Williams. Through the acquisition of corporate sponsorships, I have maximized the funding of the Association and, in doing so, added value and enhanced the HESA brand.”

Merrill Lynch, a division of Bank of America, offers wealth management and financial services.

In addition, HESA also obtained sponsorship from Cambridge-based restaurants Nirvana: The Taste of India Restaurant and Tatte Bakery and Cafe

“Building bridges and maintaining inclusive and healthy relationships with our local community partners is a key variable in the formula for sustainable growth, and offers positive enforcement for the community as a whole,” said Williams.

With increasing tuition costs at institutions of higher learning, many students are forced out of higher education, and those who do complete their studies are weighted with debt upon graduation.

“Corporate philanthropy is a viable avenue in the pursuit of soliciting funding for educational initiatives at Harvard Extension School,” said Williams. “The financial constraints imposed upon students should not be a variable in the equation for a student’s quest to acquire an education. We must ensure financial barriers to education are dismantled and academic opportunities are a realistic and attainable goal for all who seek higher education. Harvard Extension School benefits enormously through funding on behalf of philanthropic corporate giving. HES can realize accessibility to a pool of student talent to attend a top tier university, recruitment of qualified professors, and educational initiatives such as research opportunities.”

“The educational value of Harvard Extension School and the contributions of its students to the community in a multitude of industries from technology to medicine is immeasurable and reinforces the school’s viability,” Williams stressed.

The Spring Reve: A Fantastical Ballroom Bash, scheduled for Saturday, April 7, 2018, at The Liberty Hotel, will be the School’s inaugural ball.

Proceeds from ball will support educational programs and extended learning initiatives, to include, but limited to, the HESA Quiz Bowl and HESA Finance Seminar and Leadership Conference for HES students.

“Merrill Lynch, Bank of America Corporation’s philanthropic efforts will have a positive impact on the lives of Harvard Extension School students in helping them succeed in realizing their educational dreams,” Williams acknowledged.