Harvard Extension Student Assn. receives Coop Grants for Public Service Award

Coop Logo. Courtesy of THE COOP

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The Coop Community and University Relations Committee recently named Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA) one of its 2017-2018 Coop Grants for Public Service Award recipients. Alexis Williams, HESA Director of Finance, states, “the Coop’s continued support reinforces the educational value of Harvard Extension School (HES), and the contributions of its students to the local Cambridge community and the international community through numerous academic and volunteer engagements.”

HESA Director of Finance adds, “Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA) sponsored events, and activities accentuate Extension School student’s academic repertoire through exposure to industry leaders, networking and career opportunities, educational seminars, and leadership conferences. Contributing organizations such as the Coop will ensure the viability, and continuous diverse palate of Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA) events, and clubs for Extension School students to partake. Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA) looks forward to the Coop’s continued support and collaboration.”