Harvard extends Harvard Allston Partnership Fund offering new round of grants

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Harvard University has officially extended the Harvard Allston Partnership Fund (HAPF) Program by inviting nonprofits and programs serving Allston-Brighton residents to apply for $100,000 in grants this fall. Applications for the sixth round of HAPF funding are due by October 10.

Over the past five years, the HAPF program has given $500,000 in grants to 20 local organizations helping them serve more than 3,500 Allston-Brighton residents. Harvard announced a $500,000, 5-year extension of the grant-making fund this spring. By 2018, the HAPF will have given one million dollars to Allston-Brighton organizations in just over a decade.

The fund, originally created by Harvard and the city of Boston in collaboration with the Allston-Brighton community, supports neighborhood improvement projects, cultural enrichment, and educational programming.

“We are pleased to launch another five years of support of organizations that strive to better the lives of our Allston neighbors and enrich our community and look forward to this fall’s applications,” said Kevin Casey, associate vice president of Harvard Public Affairs & Communications.

“The HAPF is an important resource for local nonprofits helping to bring valuable educational and cultural programming and social services to residents of our community,” said Paul Berkeley, a member of the Allston Task Force and the HAPF advisory board. “Over the past five years with Harvard’s support for the HAPF, we’ve been able to reach thousands of neighbors who would otherwise go without these services. We’re really pleased to see this important work continue thanks to the extended HAPF.”

More information available at the Education Portal website.