Harvard Climate Internship Program announces 2022 summer intern fellows

View of a young woman in a light blue jacket standing at United Nations Plaza and building entrance with the United Nations' flag visible.

Renata Koch Alvarenga is a Climate and Sustainable Development intern at the Office of Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth at the United Nations Headquarters. Courtesy of Renata Koch Alvarenga

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The Harvard Climate Internship Program (HCIP) welcomes 17 graduate students as its inaugural cohort of summer intern fellows. The HCIP is a University-wide program supporting graduate students who work in a climate policy-oriented summer internship. The students represent the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School, and Harvard Kennedy School. In addition to several Boston area posts, their internships are located in New York; Washington, D.C.; Houston; Los Angeles; Madrid, Spain; Cape Town, South Africa; Geneva, Switzerland; and Indonesia. Their host organizations include local, state, and national government agencies, intergovernmental organizations, private sector firms, and non-governmental organizations.

The program aims to complement the classroom climate learning experience, build the climate community, showcase future climate leaders, and promote broad representation in the program. Recipients may receive a financial award as well as mentoring and an opportunity to participate in virtual programming with policy practitioners and Harvard faculty. The HCIP is sponsored by the Office of the Vice Provost for Climate and Sustainability and the Harvard Kennedy School. Students are responsible for securing their own climate-related internship.

The inaugural cohort of fellows are:

Gray Bender (HKS, M.P.P.)

Christopher (Kipper) Berven (HLS, J.D.)

Chris D’Agostino (HKS, M.P.P.)

Windy Dewi (HKS, M.P.P.)

Peter Gips (HBS, M.B.A.)

Adele Houghton (HCSPH, Ph.D.)

Raveena John (HGSD, M.U.P.)

Renata Koch Alvarenga (HKS, M.P.P.)

Liza Maharjan (HKS, M.P.A./I.D.)

Jake Mills (HKS, M.P.P.)

Abdurrehman Naveed (HKS, M.P.P.)

Erin O’Dwyer (GSAS/HCSPH, Ph.D.)

Alex Prather (HKS, M.P.A2)

Jack Raeder (HKS, M.P.P.)

Charlotte Ross (HKS, M.P.P.)

Muriel van de Bilt (HKS, M.P.A./I.D.)

Andrew Wei (HKS, M.P.P.)

The HCIP summer intern fellows were selected through a competitive process evaluated by a committee including Joseph Aldy (HKS), Caroline Buckee (HCSPH), Carrie Jenks (HLS), David Keith (HKS), Nora O’Neil (HKS), and Robert Stavins (HKS).

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