GSAS Career Development Opportunities in January

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GSAS is ready to help students tackle their top new year’s resolution, and has prepared a robust month of professional development offerings, courtesy of the Office of Career Services and January@GSAS. Graduate Students can anticipate programs aimed at job-seekers in various stages and disciplines, from improving networking approaches, to transitioning from academic to nonacademic fields:

  • Career Transition Work Group, Tuesdays, January 10–January 31, 2–4 p.m. (begins at 1 p.m. on Jan 24), OCS Seminar Room. In this four session series for PhD students, you will consider whether a nonacademic career is right for you and learn the skills needed to begin the transition through in-depth self-assessment and brainstorming. Space is limited and REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. E-mail; include your G-level and department.
  • Real-Life Stories from the Academic Job Search, Wednesday, January 11, 4:30­–6 p.m., Dudley House Common Room. Hear the academic job search tales of recently hired PhDs. Panelists will also discuss their new positions and their transitions.
  • The Impostor Syndrome: “How to Feel as Smart and Capable as Everyone Seems to Think You Are,” a presentation by Dr. Valerie Young. Tuesday, January 17, 5:30–7:30 p.m., Science Center Hall B. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, a surprising number of bright, capable, and highly successful people dismiss their achievements as due to luck, charm, or other external factors. Individuals suffering from the Imposter Syndrome tend to believe they have somehow managed to “fool” others into thinking they are more competent than they believe themselves to be. When Valerie Young last spoke at Harvard in 2010, over 400 people attended — meaning that if you feel like an imposter, you’re hardly alone! Join us for this engaging exploration of the Imposter Syndrome and learn some strategies to overcome it.
  • The Art of Self-Marketing: Your Online Social Networking Presence, Friday, January 20, 4–6 p.m., Dudley House Common Room. Your  presence online is just as important as how you present yourself in person, but how do we navigate today’s social media successfully to expand our professional network? We will cover sending professional emails, creating and updating your LinkedIn profile, as well as the content and format of individual professional websites, so please bring your questions for the discussion! This event is co-sponsored by HGWISE and OCS.

Pre-registration is required for many of the programs; follow the jump for the full list.