GSAS alum leads Egypt’s first public policy program

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The remarkable uprising in Egypt earlier this year created an extraordinary opportunity to radically change the trajectory of the country. Jennifer Bremer, M.P.P. ’75, Ph.D. ’82 in public policy, is training a new generation of Egyptian leaders to make good on that opportunity.

Bremer is leading a well-timed new master’s program in public policy — the first of its kind in the Middle East — at the American University in Cairo (AUC). The program targets aspiring policymakers, helping them develop the crucial analytical skills needed to create effective public policy. Bremer is joined by fellow alumna Warigia Bowman, Ph.D. ’09, public policy, recently appointed as assistant professor at AUC, who will play a key role in the program. Both scholars earned their Ph.D.s in the interfaculty GSAS-HKS program in public policy.

GSAS reached Bremer in Cairo to find out more about the program and to hear about what Egypt is like at this moment in time. She talked about the huge policy challenges Egypt now faces, the hope engendered by the revolution, and why it’s crucial to give the rising generation of leaders and technocrats the tools to change both the policies and how policy is made.

Read the interview here.