Get the Inside Scoop on Finding a Faculty Position

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The Office of Career Services and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences are offering a number of don’t-miss events this year as part of their ongoing Becoming Faculty career series. These special programs run through the end of January and are geared toward helping graduate students in GSAS prepare for the academic job search.

The series offers an excellent opportunity for students to get “feedback and a broader perspective on the academic job market, as well as to ask questions they may not [otherwise] feel comfortable asking,” says Laura Malisheski, the assistant director and coordinator for graduate student advising in Harvard’s Office of Career Services.

One of the main benefits of the series is that students get to hear directly from faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, recent PhDs, and advanced graduate students now on the job market – all of whom share their expertise and first-hand experience. The fall semester in particular is an important time, as many PhD candidates begin the process of preparing their dossiers and applying for fellowships and positions that are posted in late summer and early fall.