Gertner, Kaufman appointed to advisory panel on court nominations

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U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has announced the appointment of an advisory committee on Massachusetts judicial nominations to solicit, interview, and comment on applications for federal District Court vacancies in Springfield and Boston. Warren will review the work of the committee and will ultimately recommend judicial nominees to President Obama.

The advisory committee is composed of distinguished members of the Massachusetts legal community, including prominent academics and litigators, and will be chaired by former District Court Judge Nancy Gertner, who is now a professor of practice at Harvard Law School.

Applications for the Boston vacancy will be reviewed by Massachusetts attorneys Pamela Berman, Jack Corrigan, Marianne LeBlanc, Willard P. Ogburn, and Walter Prince, and applications for the Springfield vacancy will be reviewed by Massachusetts attorneys Mike Jennings, Tom Lesser, Jennifer Levi, John Pucci, and Katherine Robertson.

In addition to these individuals and Gertner, Dean Camille Nelson of Suffolk University Law School, Professor Mary Sarah Bilder of Boston College Law School, Professor Andrew Kaufman of Harvard Law School, and attorney Mike Mone representing the Massachusetts Bar Association will review all applications.

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