Faculty Council meeting — April 26, 2023

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On April 26 the Faculty Council discussed the divisional structure of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.  They also approved a proposal to dissolve the Standing Committee on Higher Degrees in Dental Medicine and a proposal to change the name of the Standing Committee on Freshman Seminars to the Standing Committee on First-Year Seminars, to update the description of the standing committee, and to change the name of the Freshman Seminar Program to the First-Year Seminar Program.  Additionally, they approved preliminary versions of Courses of Instruction for 2023–2024 and of the University Extension School courses for 2023–2024, and they approved changes to the Handbook for Students for 2023–2024.  Finally, they heard a review of the Harvard-Berklee Dual Degree Program.

The last regular meeting of the Faculty will be on May 2.