EdRedesign to launch Institute for Success Planning

Collage of children.

Collage courtesy of GSE

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EdRedesign at the Harvard Graduate School of Education has received a $200,000 grant from the Barr Foundation and an anonymous gift of $3 million to establish an Institute for Success Planning to help communities redesign their systems of support and opportunity for children and youth.

“These grants represent a huge step forward for EdRedesign. Every child deserves to be seen, heard, understood, and responded to. We aim to work with education and community leaders to put in place an education system that meets children where they are and gives them what they need inside and outside of school. Thanks to these substantial grants, our institute will work with communities on the ground to efficiently leverage resources and customize supports to ensure every child is given a fair shot at success in work and life,” said rofessor Paul Reville, founder and director at EdRedesign.

EdRedesign is advancing a holistic model of developmental and educational opportunity for children. The Institute for Success Planning will work to ensure that all children have clear and accessible pathways to well-being and opportunities to succeed by promoting a relationship-based, community-grounded strategy that joins individualized student Success Plans with a coordinated system of supports managed by cross-sector collaborations such as Children’s Cabinets.

At the community level, cross-sector coalitions like children’s cabinets gather key leaders from government, NGOs, and the private sector to ensure programs, processes, and policies are effectively supporting the healthy development of all children. At the individual level, Success Planning connects each child to an adult navigator, who creates a personalized roadmap to the supports and enrichments the child needs to thrive.

“We believe that every student deserves a high-quality education, and young learners thrive when their education is personalized, holistic, rigorous, and supportive,” said Jenny Curtin, Barr Foundation’s senior program officer for education. “We’re hopeful that the work of EdRedesign’s Institute for Success Planning will provide important insights into what constitutes high-quality educational opportunities for every young person.”