Cultural Survival Bazaar at Harvard: Giving gifts that give twice

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The Cultural Survival Bazaar (CSB), a festival of Native arts and culture from around the world, will be held from 
10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Dec. 3-4 at Harvard’s Northwest Labs, 52 Oxford St., Cambridge, with free parking at the Oxford Street Garage, and Dec. 10-11 at Harvard’s CGIS, 
1730 Cambridge St., Cambridge, with free parking available at Broadway Garage, 7 Felton St.

The bazaar creates a direct link between Native artisans and consumers supporting the livelihoods of the artisans, fair trade, and Cultural Survival’s nonprofit work throughout the world. To view examples of the items for sale, visit this website.

Cultural Survival also offers several free admission events this holiday season. Each event provides you with direct access to thousands of items, handmade by Native artisans from around the world. These items include art, jewelry, clothing, crafts, decor, tribal rugs, and much more.

Every item has a deeper story from the projects it supports, the artisans who made them, and the traditional knowledge that it represents. Proceeds support Native artisans, fair trade, and Cultural Survival’s work in partnership with Native communities around the world. 

The Cultural Survival Bazaar also offers a festive atmosphere full of artisans, fair traders, craft making demonstrations, Native American storytelling, films including the screening of director John Sayles’ “Amigo,” guest talks, and live music performances by Native performers including Quichua band Yarina from Ecuador, Nipmuck Native flute artisan and performer Hawk Henries, performances and artisans from the Simba Maasai Outreach Organization visiting from Kenya, and special guest artisans from all over the world including Huichol yarn painter Cilau Valadez, Shona wire and bead artist Benard Domingo from Zimbabwe, Algonquin/Abenaqui artist Lenny Novak, Hmong embroidery artisan Chia Yang Khang, Lakota artisan Tim Swallow, Quechua artisans Felicia Huarsaya Villasante, Primitiva Cordova Mendoza De Salazar, and Marco Antonio Castillo Quispe from Peru, Maya weaver Maria Xoch from Guatemala, and many more (view profiles of artisans).

For more information, performance schedule, and CSB gift cards please visit the website.