Colombian leaders honored at Harvard during Women’s Month

The honorees and symposium participants.

Borrero Photography

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For the first time, 22 Colombian women, prominent in areas as diverse as science, social innovation, community and political activism, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, and the private and financial sector, were honored during Harvard Women’s Month. The event, which took place on March 30, was spearheaded by the Harvard Colombian Student Association, the Harvard College Women’s Center, and the Colombian College Women’s Association, marking a milestone in the celebration.

The symposium, titled “Empowering Dreams,” was a platform to foster a constructive dialogue on the challenges that Colombian women still face.

 “The recognition of these 22 women at Harvard not only celebrated their individual achievements, but also the collective strength and indomitable spirit of women’s leadership in Colombia and in Massachusetts,” said organizers. “These women represent stories of struggle, dedication, resilience and have been instrumental in promoting meaningful change and advocating for those who are often overlooked. This symposium is just the beginning,” they added.

This gathering not only served as a space to recognize and celebrate women’s contributions to the development and well-being of society, but also as a call to action, inviting the academic community and beyond to join in the ongoing effort to achieve a more equitable and inclusive society. The organizers’ pledge to continue similar initiatives underscores the importance of keeping the conversation on gender equality and women’s empowerment alive, ensuring that the achievements and challenges of Colombian women remain central to the global discourse.

Among the honorees pictured are: Juliana García Mejía, Ph.D. in astrophysics, Harvard, whose innovations facilitate the study of exoplanets; Juliana Cabrejo, Dubai resident, dedicated to establishing business ties between the Middle East and Latin America, recognized in 2023 as one of Asia’s 100 Most Powerful Women Leaders; Mabel Lara; Afro-Colombian journalist, winner of eight India Catalina Awards; Nadia Sánchez, director of the She Is Foundation; and Ana Sánchez, who is the executive director of Medellín Women’s World Corporation (in English), among many others honored during the first symposium, “Empowering Dreams.”