College announces improvements to student social spaces

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Harvard College Dean Evelynn Hammonds today announced plans for substantial enhancements to undergraduate social spaces across campus. The Mather Multimedia Lab, the Eliot Grille activity space, the Student Organization Center at Hilles, the Cabot Café, and the Quad Grille lounge space in Pforzheimer House are all slated for improvement, Hammonds said.

“The enhancements build on last year’s renovations to the Quincy House Grille, and are part of our ongoing effort to expand and improve the social spaces available to undergraduates,” Hammonds said. “Since 2006, the College has added or renovated over 57,000 square feet of social space, despite significant constraints on our ability to expand the physical footprint of campus. We are continually on the lookout for ways to offer students new places to meet and connect.”

The enhancements to undergraduate social spaces will occur throughout the next calendar year, with the Eliot Grille slated to come online first in the early fall. Hammonds said that the improvements support the important part of the Harvard College experience that occurs outside of the classroom.

“The lecture hall is not the only place where students encounter new ideas at Harvard,” she said. “It also happens over a late night snack at a House grille or a performance at the SOCH. By making campus social spaces more inviting, we make it easier for students to connect with—and learn from—one another.”