Cohen Lab receives LEED Gold certification

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The Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ 2014 renovation of the Cohen Laboratories recently received LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

A new instrument facility, a tissue culture room, biology, chemistry, and optics labs, and student writing spaces were included in the complete renovation of the laboratories located in the Edward Mallinckrodt Chemical Laboratory.

“While many of us try to be environmentally conscious in our personal lives, the lab is where we actually spend most of our time and energy. Our lab design and setup should reflect our values,” said Adam Cohen, professor of chemistry and chemical biology and physics.

The purpose of the project was to revitalize a high performance space and to create an energy-efficient indoor environment focused on occupant health. In that vein, one hundred percent of the project’s adhesives, paints, and flooring systems are low emitting.

Intensive equipment, strict air quality codes, extended occupancy periods, and high water usage can make it difficult for labs to operate efficiently. Thanks in part to the project team’s commitment to sustainability and green building, the Cohen Lab renovation successfully implemented many strategies to meet aggressive reduction targets.

Energy conservation measures include healthier, more efficient LEDs, and lighting sensors and controls to help improve the occupants’ research and time in lab. Overall, the space is projected to use 18 percent less lighting power.

Water use will be reduced 32 percent thanks to the installation of low-flow fixtures.