Arnold Arboretum Committee funds new horticultural equipment

2 min read

When Arnold Aboretum horticulture staff need to break up heavily-trod ground or move a large plant from one location to another in the landscape, an air knife helps them get the job done. Through a $10,000 gift from the Arnold Arboretum Committee, a Jamaica Plain non-profit advocacy organization, the Arboretum has acquired an air compressor that will enable staff to deploy the air knife more extensively for plant health and maintenance initiatives in the Arboretum landscape.

Already a part of the Arboretum’s equipment arsenal, the air knife requires the use of a large tow-behind air compressor for its operation, which until now has been rented for specific projects. With the acquisition of the air compressor unit, the horticulture staff can exercise greater flexibility and efficiency in using the air knife as a part of its standard operations for plant care and health.

“The Arboretum’s collections represent an invaluable resource to science as well as the visiting public,” said William “Ned” Friedman, the Arboretum director. “Everything we do in research and education revolves around the 15,000 curated organisms in our landscape, so ensuring their vigor and long life is absolutely essential. We’re delighted to have the kind support of the Arnold Arboretum Committee to help us make the most of our efforts to improve the condition of our plants.”