Announcing the Third Annual January@GSAS

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The Graduate School is pleased to announce that for the third year running, it will curate a flexible January series of seminars, workshops, and social opportunities, on January 9-20, 2012, designed to help graduate students get something valuable from the winter break.

GSAS students never really take a “break” from their research, of course, but with teaching and grading responsibilities on hiatus, January creates good opportunities for skill-building and professional activities that may have fallen to the bottom of the list during term. And downtime – via a slew of cultural events and recreational outings offered by Dudley House – is also much encouraged, and perhaps more possible, during January.

Programming details will be announced soon. Programs are likely to focus on pragmatic issues of interest and concern to graduate students – topics including career preparation, digital tool-building, library skills, professional development (including writing skills), and financial planning.