Advanced Leadership Initiative welcomes tenth cohort

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Harvard University’s Advanced Leadership Initiative (ALI) announced the selection of 48 ALI Fellows and 9 ALI Partners to take part in its intensive, multidisciplinary program. ALI is a new stage of higher education uniquely designed to enhance and leverage the skills of highly accomplished leaders to tackle some of the world’s most complex problems.

This year, ALI welcomes its tenth cohort of fellows, bringing extensive experience in law, medicine, technology, finance, manufacturing, government, social enterprise, and other sectors to the program. The group includes twelve international fellows, a former member of Congress, a former head of state, as well as former CEOs and C-suite executives from distinguished private sector and nonprofit organizations. To read more about the 2018 ALI Fellows, please visit:

About the Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative

ALI taps the experience of a socially conscious generation of accomplished leaders and provides them with tools to address complex challenges. These challenges often have multifaceted political and technical dimensions that cannot be solved with a single approach.

ALI Fellows participate in a core course, intensive deep dives on social issues (health, environment, and education), and audit courses across the university, culminating in a capstone event where they present their plan to make a lasting difference in the world. Following the program year, fellows join the ALI Coalition, a group of nearly 350 individuals from past cohorts who are dedicated to ongoing social impact.

“At ALI, proven leaders have the opportunity to make an even greater social impact than they did in their primary careers,” says Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Chair and Director of the Advanced Leadership Initiative and Ernest L. Arbuckle Professor at Harvard Business School. “The fellowship allows these leaders to find the intersection of their passion, their expertise, and the needs of the world to solve important societal challenges, whether local, national, or global.”

“Lasting societal impact requires not merely great leadership but advanced leadership. The problems of the world are messy and require experienced leaders who can work across sectors, and who thrive in systems where authority is scattered and obstacles to change abound,” she added. 

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The search for the 2019 Advanced Leadership Initiative Fellows at Harvard University is underway. To learn more about the Advanced Leadership Initiative program and fellowship year, please visit