Advanced Leadership Initiative releases 2017 Education Deep Dive Report

Professors Higgins and Reimers lead discussion during the Deep Dive. Photo by Russ Campbell

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The Harvard University Advanced Leadership Initiative (ALI) released its 2017 Education Deep Dive Report: Empowerment in Education. The report summarizes the proceedings from ALI’s Deep Dive event, a two-day intensive immersion with a focus on problem-solving and practical applications of knowledge.

The 2017 Education Deep Dive was chaired by Professors Monica Higgins and Fernando Reimers of the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE). The event featured faculty speakers from HGSE and educational leaders from around the world.

During the Deep Dive, ALI Fellows heard from leaders in schools, non­profits, governments, philanthropies, industry, and academia about ef­forts to empower youth. Through panel discussions, presentations, and informal conversations, fellows learned about challenges and solutions in this empowerment work.

Following the Deep Dive, Co-Chairs Higgins and Reimers prompted ALI Fellows to synthesize key learnings and identify plans for future action. ALI Fellows noted that the education landscape and labor market is changing, and students need to be able to adapt to these changes. Further, they said collaboration, among individuals and teams, is critical to achieve long-term social impact in the education sector.

For more, read the complete report.