A profile of Harvard’s community engagement in Cambridge

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Harvard is proud to be part of the Cambridge community and helps contribute to the city’s vibrant cultural, social, and civic communities by providing residents with access to a variety of offerings that promote access to learning and opportunity.

“The relationship between Harvard University and the city of Cambridge is older than the nation itself. We share nearly four hundred years of history and countless achievements that have strengthened our community for generations. Most remarkable, however, are the many ways in which we continue to reconsider our work together, to expand our partnerships, and to improve the lives of everyone who has the good fortune of living or working here, for a semester or for a lifetime,” said Drew Faust, president of Harvard University.

Harvard’s community engagement in Cambridge is highlighted in a recent community mailing. The piece features examples of Harvard’s longstanding commitment to collaborative, creative, and responsive partnerships and programs that strengthen our shared community.

To learn more about Harvard community engagement, please see the Cambridge Impact Mailing.